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PLA Graduation Update

On November 10th, Pine Lake Academy held its annual graduation ceremony. There was a huge turnout, a crowd of over 600 guests attended the ceremony this year. This event included the giving of merit awards to various students in the areas in which they showed exemplary performance. The air was full of excitement as always even as the events progressed. There was a serious downpour of rain which has become God’s tradition with us during our D- day.

There were also a few notable things during this event of this year. First, we learned a number of women in the community had already developed a tradition of buying new dresses for the graduation ceremony at PLA. Many women travel to neighboring towns to find new dresses.

There were quite a number of new faces attending this function for the very first time. There had a slot in the program to acknowledge those who were in attendance for the first time ever . Some of them came forward and asked that they be allowed to transfer their kids to PLA for next year. In addition, almost all of the alumni were present because their schools closed earlier than usual due to the elections in our country.

Thirdly, for the first in our graduation ceremony, the recorder music was played thanks to the team of Teachers. Seth (grade 8) and his little sister Anabritta (grade 6) performed with the recorder, the song; “Showers of blessings”. You couldn’t believe your eyes as the duet was performed. There was a thunderous applause and the end of this.

Lastly, we had a PLA Newsletter and because we were not sure of the possibility of peoples reaction and demand for it, we produced 50 copies and put a price for each copy at $ 1.50. Amazingly, the very first people to come in took all the fifty copies. The demand was in hundreds and were unable to produce more. The production cost for each newsletter was $3.50. Now we know what to expect and the number of newsletter to produce.

The guest of honor for the day was the Principal of Mititi high school who in his address promised to transform the Mititi high school into a national school, so as to get the lion share of students from Pine Lake Academy. Every Principal in the region want to have Pine Lake kids join their respective high schools.

As the event of the annual graduation ceremony, the day was a huge success.

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