Through our partnership, we have supported a medical clinic, built a new school, and provided clean water for the community. Yearly, a mission trip is conducted to work on the various projects in Kodera.


Pine Lake Academy 

Pine Lake Academy, with the motto of “Empowered to Serve”, was started in May 2006 and provides education from grades preschool through 8th grade to children in the Kodera community. Pine Lake Academy has opened a door to an education where children are thriving and dreaming of a successful future.


Medical Clinic

The medical clinic opened in 2004 to meet the need of healthcare in a community where the nearest hospital is 20km away. The overall health and hygiene of this community is much improved with education, vaccines, 24- hour emergency services and maternity care.


Water Project 

We are currently working on a project to improve the communities source of clean water. Our goal is to provide clean water for a large amount of people and decrease the spread of water-born illnesses.