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COVID-19 Relief Fund

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has taken a toll on communities worldwide. Our community in Romania was struggling to obtain the necessary resources to stay healthy and safe during this time. Our team recently sent an emergency relief fund to support this community and give them the ability to obtain the necessities to stay healthy. They were able to use this fund to provide food, disinfectant cleaning supplies, and hand washing supplies to a small gypsy community near by, called Telechiu. The soap, access to clean water, and hand sanitizer provided were greatly appreciated by the community. Already being an oppressed community, the gypsy community did not have access to clean water for washing hands and long-lasting food sources, so having access to these resources are extremely important, especially during this difficult time. The fund will give this community the ability to stay safe during the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19.

Below are pictures of Adi and Lavi, giving food to a family in the Telechiu community. There were many families who received food and supplies who are not pictured. This is a family of four brothers who were abandoned by their mother at a young age and their father is an alcoholic. They are raised by their grandmother who is epileptic and almost completely blind now. Adi reported that Andrew, one of the brothers, said "Today I experienced joy, I feel loved," after receiving the gift of the food.

Our community is Oradea, Romania is doing the best they can to support their community medically as well. We have heard many stories about community members becoming sick and being alone in their home, because family cannot visit, who are very appreciative of the support that the medical team in Oradea is giving.

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