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An Update From PLA Graduates

After the students at Pine Lake Academy in Kodera, Kenya graduate 8th grade, they are faced with a series of difficult exams to be admitted into high school. PLA is proud of their high acceptance rate into high school and the future of all of their graduates. A total of 165 students have graduated 8th grade from PLA and placed into high school.

The class of 2012 had 25 students total. All 25 of the graduates joined a high school. 11 of the graduated performed highly on the 12th grade exams to be accepted into different universities across Kenya through government scholarships. Those 11 students are currently in their senior year of college and some others in the class were able to join middle level colleges.

The class of 2013 had 16 students and each of them joined high schools. 4 students qualified for direct entry to university due to their high performance on the 12th grade exams. They are currently college juniors.

The class of 2014 had 20 students total all of them went on to join high schools as well. 8 students gained direct entry into university and the rest joined middl level colleges.

The class of 2015 had 16 students and all of them joined high schools. 11 students performed so highly on the 12th grade exams that they gained direct entry to universities with government scholarships.

The class of 2016 (24 students), class of 2017 (17 students), and class of 2018 (17 students) are all currently in high school.

The class of 2019 had 30 students and are currently are waiting to hear the results from their 8th grade exams. So far, 13 students have secured admission to national schools.

It is amazing to see that PLA has granted students with new opportunities for their future and they are extremely grateful that they have this opportunity to receive such a strong education.

Make sure to check out how you can sponsor one of the students at PLA to help them on their journey on the Pine Lake Covenant Church website (

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