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COVID Impact on Kodera

Although there are little to none COVID-19 cases in Kodera, the virus is still causing great hardship, due to the lockdown in Kenyan cities, and the shutdown of local businesses and schools. It has caused a break in the flow of funds coming back into the Kodera community to support families, especially the elderly. Pine Lake Covenant Church came together to donate essential items, such as maize, sugar, salt, cooking oil, soap and face masks to the Kodera community. Below are some of the supplies that they were able to put together and send to Kodera, Kenya.

Below is the story on a Kodera community member, Quinter, who is extremely dependent on the donations from PLCC.

Quinter was widowed in 1996 and has eight children. She was sick for a long period of time went to the hospital after spending time in the ward.She works on her farmland to provide food for her family. She also worked hard to supply water to PLA, Mititi schools, and other families in her community using her two donkey. Her hard work allows her to provide for her family's needs.

Due to school closure and high amounts of rainfall families and school were not longer in need of an extra water supply, so Quinter's income decreased to zero. Along with her poor health and her family's needs, she was dependent on good will of PLCC for the daily survival of her family.

Quinter was the last of three who received the surprise food supply. She was found lying on her couch, tears rolling down her cheeks, as she expressed her graciousness for the support and supplies she received. She explained how earlier that day she was in distress on whether she would be able to feed her children lunch or dinner that day. This is the reality of communities like Kodera. They depend so greatly on the true acts of kindness from others and knowing that the donations and support are making such an important impact on the families in the Kodera community is extremely rewarding.

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